Special ASEM Aquaculture session at AQUA2012

at AQUA 2012, "Global aquaculture securing our future"
Prague, Czech Republic, Sept 1-5, 2012


The ASEM Aquaculture Platform session is conceived as a moderated debate. Rather than traditional presentations we would invite one speaker per issue to give a brief account of the status and outlook of the issue at stake, followed by open discussion between the public and an expert panel.



  1. Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)
    • Introduction: Current status and future strategy on IMTA in China
    • By: Prof. Fang Jianguang, Yellow Sea Fisheries Institute, China
    • Discussion:
      • what is the status of IMTA in China and what can Europeans learn from it?
      • is the Chinese concept applicable in Europe? Why or why not? 
      • what is China’s & Europe’s future strategy?
  2. Interaction between research and industry
    • Introduction: how is the European sector organising itself
    • By:
    • Discussion:
      • what are formal and informal links between industry and research, both in Europe & in Asia?
      • what is the governmental policy towards regulation of the industry?
      • what are opportunities for interaction between European and Asian aquaculture industry?