Welcome to the ASEM Aquaculture Platform

The ASEM Aquaculture Platform intends to work out an action-oriented agenda for co-operation and to develop a multi-stakeholder platform for dialogue, networking and continued coordination concerning sustainable aquaculture between EU and Asia.
Through its different stakeholders the platform aims to reconcile ecological and socio-economic demands and introduce or consolidate concepts of sustainability in aquaculture development in both regions. The platform connects experts, the public and policy-makers by disseminating knowledge up to policy levels as well as down to farmers or consumers.

The platform is supported by the FP7 programme of the European Commission and by the Flemish Research Council.


Inventory of higher aquaculture education in Asia

This is the modest start of the inventary of higher aquaculture education in Asia. It gives a flavour of what it aims to become: a comprehensive inventary that facilitates staff and student mobility within the region.

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Input awaited from:

  • UA, Indonesia
  • UMT, Malaysia
  • USM, Malaysia
  • PSU, Thailand
  • NLU, Vietnam
  • OUC, China
  • ShOU, China
  • ... your institute here?