Expert workshops (2004-2006)

During the timespan of the 2004-2006 project, a series of thematic workshops were organised with the following objectives:

  1. to formulate very specific recommendations (for the EC) on future directions in research, trade and production between the two regions: Asia and Europe;
  2. to forge new alliances or reinforce existing ones between EU and Asia partners for joint research, trade policies and production methods.

To do so, the workshops brought together a selection of key players from both regions and from the different sectors involved (academic, industry, policy making, ...) to think together and reach consensus on tangible action points.
The topics of the thematic workshops reflected the main issues of concern for the further successful development of aquaculture in both regions:

Workshop Date Venue Coordinators
Workshop on Disease & Health management Oct 24-26, 2004 Barcelona, Spain
  • Victoria Alday (Inve Technologies, Belgium)
  • Tim Flegel, (Centex Shrimp, Thailand)
Environment & Biodiversity preservation April 23-26, 2005 Qingdao, PR China
  • Qisheng Tang (Yellow Sea Fisheries, P.R. China)
  • Nils Kautsky (Stockholm University, Sweden)
Breeding & Domestication May 16-18, 2005 Bangkok, Thailand
  • Kanit Chaiyakam (Marine Shrimp Research & Development Institute, Thailand)
  • Hans Komen (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
Education & Training September 24-27, 2005 SEAFDEC, The Philippines
  • Jurgenne Primavera & Doris Bagarinao (SEAFDEC)
  • Margaret Eleftheriou (IMBC & AquaTT, Greece)
Food safety & Legislation March 22-24, 2006 Athens, Greece
  • Anastasios Eleftheriou (IMBC, Greece)
  • Courtney Hough (FEAP)
  • Sofronios Papoutsoglou (University of Athens, Greece)
Food security May 7-9, 2006 Firenze, Italy
  • James Muir (Institute of Aquaculture, Scotland)
  • Pedro Bueno (NACA, Thailand)