China AquaFishNet

Chinese Network of Higher Education and Research Centers

Shanghai, July 1-2, 2007


Under impulse of 3 European ASEM Aquaculture Platform members (Ghent, Wageningen and Trondheim University), the leading Chinese universities and research institutes organised the “first Chino-Euro fisheries higher education symposium” in Shanghai on July 1 and 2, 2006. In this meeting it was decided to formally establish a network of Chinese higher education institutes related to fisheries and aquaculture. In line with analogue European networks it was agreed to include the major research institutes in the network. Activities would initially focus on post-graduate education as this was generally considered as a priority, on a later stage undergraduate level would be given attention.

In August 2007, the second meeting of the China AquaFishNet was held in Europe upon invitation of Wageningen University and Research Center. On Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 August a round table was organised with representatives of 5 Chinese universities, 5 research institutes and 3 European universities. During this meeting a couple of concrete joint initiatives were discussed: a working group will be established to prepare exchange of students and staff between the Chinese and European member institutes or internship and/or course modules; a priority list of joint research topics will be elaborated; on the basis of bilateral agreements, PhD study collaboration will be initiate between partners.

The delegation then travelled further to Belgium. On Friday August 31, the delegation attended a seminar hosted by Rector Paul Van Cauwenberge of the Ghent University, on the research expertise of the recently established UGent Aquaculture R&D Consortium. With this seminar, the Chinese partners got an overview of the rich variety of aquaculture research covered by the 13 departments from 3 faculties of this consortium.

In the afternoon of Friday August 31, the ASEM Aquaculture Platform and CESTY, the China-EU Science & Technology Year, organised an infosession with representatives from EC's DG Fish, Research and Education. They gave an overview of funding schemes and cooperation opportunities for China on aquaculture and fisheries related issues. Representatives of the Chinese delegation also gave a presentation on Chinese priorities in aquaculture research and education.

The Chinese participants where very enthusiastic about the information they gathered on current European achievements on educational networking and research support. Both European and Chinese partners have confirmed their interest in joint initiatives and are determined to initiate future joint activities.