Disease & Health management

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Build partnerships between Asia and Europe to work together to improve cultured aquatic animal health and welfare and to address issues of major economic or environmental significance and concern to both regions including diagnosis, preventative measures and treatments. 


  • Establish a steering group with representatives from EAFP, PANDA, Asia Regional Advisory Group on Aquatic Animal Health of NACA and Fish Health Society (FHS) of the Asian Fishery Society (AFS), this steering group will address aquatic animal health issues of common interest to both regions
  • Establish a formal mechanism that utilizes the networks and expertise from ongoing research projects in both regions to implement workpackage actions
  • Produce and disseminate a resource document providing details of existing research projects, networks and initiatives in both regions
  • Facilitate regular sharing of network activities and outputs through a structured process by production of regular e-newsletters and moderated discussion forums
  • Facilitate utilization of expertise for development of joint research, training and development activities 



UoS (Coordinator), HAKI, CAFnet, UPM, VIFINET