Support the application of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)


To build partnerships for developing innovations for the aquaculture industry in both regions, based on IMTA principles. This workpackage is to increase the awareness in Europe on the advantages of polyculture and off-shore cage culture by featuring successful examples from China and Singapore and to develop joined research initiatives with partner institutes to stimulate suitable innovations for the industry in EU and in China and other Asian members.


  • Establish a mixed China-EU working group on IMTA. This working group will execute the activities described below
  • Collect technological, scientific and socio-economic information on the use, type and characteristics of IMTA practices currently applied in China and off-shore cage culture in Singapore
  • Map relevant ongoing research projects and report to national and international funding agencies (incl. Commission organizations)
  • Facilitate linkages between projects with complementary objectives and facilitate new initiatives
  • Identify and develop strong case studies of a selected number of successful examples of polyculture in Chinese marine coastal zones. This selection will cover the range of the existing diversity of species involved and of different environmental conditions (climatologic, geographic, etcetera) in order to be of relevance to a wide European audience
  • Identify relevant aquaculture events where the case studies can be presented and organize mobility for Chinese experts to present these case studies
  • Organize a workshop where all this information is discussed



CAFnet(Coordinator), WUR, HAKI