Pangasius issues

Pangasius issues


In less than a decade, pangasius has evolved from a relatively unknown species and conquered a prominent position in seafood trade and consumption. Today, Vietnam is by far the largest producer of pangasius, with an annual production that increased from less than 100.000Mt in 2002 to over one million tonnes currently. This rapid growth surely caused social, economic and environmental tensions which are not all resolved yet although considerable efforts of the Vietnamese government and the sector do yield a steady progress. Meanwhile, the speed at which pangasius has conquered its market position in the global market, inevitably at the expense of competing products, has frequently led to critical comments in the media which were not always based on correct or up-to-date information.



The ASEM Aquaculture Platform fosters a constructive dialogue between the European and Asian stakeholders in pangasius farming, processing and trade.   

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