Past & future events

Events relevant to Asian and European Aquaculture

For a comprehensive agenda on aquaculture events we refer to the exellent agenda's availble through NACA (focus on Asia) and AquaTNET (focus on Europe).

Past and future events related the ASEM Aquaculture Platform

Date Location Description Read more
 2013-12  Vietnam  Explorative mission to Vietnam for European industry representatives read more
2013-06 Vietnam Workshop on aquaculture certification in Asia: Status, challenges, opportunities & way forward read more
2013-05 China Visit of large marine polyculture in Shandong Province, China, by European aquaculture representatives  read more
2012-12 Vietnam Workshop on implementation of epidemiology in improving farmed aquatic animal health  read more


 Brussels  6th CAFnet meeting read more


 Prague ASEM Aquaculture Platform Special session 
@ AQUA 2012, World Aquaculture Conference 
read more
2012-08  Bangkok Asia Pacific emergency regional consultation on shrimp Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) & Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Syndrome (AHPNS) read more