About the platform

Background: In the last couple of decades, aquaculture has evolved from an artisanal farming sector to a technology-based bio-industry. While current aquaculture technology often originates from European led developments, the principal production is very predominantly in Asia. As a consequence, also RTD excellence is steadily growing in Asia. In order to reconcile Asian and European interests in production & consumption, a dialogue on research strategy serving sustainable, safe and healthy aquaculture production is essential.

What it is: the ASEM Aquaculture Platform is an open and permanent space for dialogue between EU and ASEM parties that are involved in the development of sustainable aquaculture.

Objectives: the Platform intends to work out an action-oriented agenda for co-operation and to develop a multi-stakeholder platform for dialogue, networking and continued coordination concerning sustainable aquaculture between EU and Asia. Through its different stakeholders the platform aims to reconcile ecological and socio-economic demands and introduce or consolidate concepts of sustainability in aquaculture development in both regions. It will create a forum for experts and policy-makers, and by disseminating knowledge up to policy levels as well as down to farmers.

How we work: the Platform is project-funded. Funding was and is received from the European Commission, The Flemish and Belgian governement and Ghent University. Activities evolve around selected themes. Experts from both regions and various stakeholders are brought together to identify common problems and formulate mutually agreed solutions.